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Bluetooth marketing is the use of Bluetooth technology as a method of communication. Bluetooth works in a similar way to the wireless networking technology most people have in their homes. Like wireless networking it passes through the air creating a connection between two devices. Wireless technologies of all kinds can be interrupted by obstacles though with careful planning Bluetooth transmitters can be positioned to minimise interference.

Bluetooth marketing uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with mobile phones that have Bluetooth enabled. The marketing element relates to the message you send.

If you are advertising something you will use Bluetooth for marketing purposes, though charities could use the service to promote a specific campaign to create awareness. Bluetooth is certainly not only for advertising!

All of these terms refer to the same technology; Bluetooth marketing, Bluetooth advertising, proximity marketing. When the term proximity marketing is used, the relevance of Proximity should not be lost.

The range of the Bluetooth transmitter you are using affects the type of message you should send and how you support that message within your campaign.

CMM's networks broadcast 24 hours a day with each transmitter communicating all day every day with up to 21 phones simultaneously

This permission based communication, by definition, will only transmit with the approval of the recipient and the message can only be sent once to the same phone.

The broadcasting space on the transmitter is divided up into time slots. After the public service messages have been allocated the remaining slots are made available to local businesses. Small businesses which cannot have large marketing budgets, will be able to focus their marketing down to a single transmitter in their high street.

Empty property is ideal for locating transmitters, this aspect of CMM taking occupancy of empty property and locating its transmitters in occupied premises, delivers an opportunity for any business large or small to use this low cost advertising medium. CMM's route to market is based on short term exposure anywhere in the country, in order to demonstrate to adjacent tenants the benefits of our service, opening up its network to everybody.