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Complete Mobile Marketing is empowering retail outlets to communicate via 'bluetooth' to subscribers as they pass by, enabling consumers to access valuable information and offers through their mobile phone.

Compatible 'Bluetooth' enabled mobile phones can access specific mobile content as soon as they enter the network.

The simple Bluetooth demo is a knockout (10 seconds and you'll "get it") and is sure to ignite a lot of interest in the way we use new technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi in public information networks.

Complete Mobile Marketing believes that in the not-too-distant future, people will expect to receive information relevant to their surroundings on the screens of their mobile phones. This will be regardless of the communication network they are connected to and the type of device they have.

To the consumer it's about the usefulness of the content and with geographic relevance comes a new level of compelling and useful, even critical content. At the sports stadium it might be an action replay, or at a festival or concert it might be the schedule.

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